We are hawkseye.

Proudly serving businesses in the Greater Tampa Bay area.

How it works.

At Hawkseye Aerial Photography Alternatives we use extendable telescoping masts. When combined with a high-resolution remote controlled digital camera we are able to capture intriguing images from elevated angles. Our masts can extend anywhere between 20′ to 50′ to assist us in emulating traditional aerial angles. We are able determine the perfect angle and height through the use of remote controlled equipment on the ground which allows us to see the exact location on which the camera is focused.

Once we are satisfied that we have a number of high quality images to provide to our clients we then digitally edit them (when needed) prior to delivery. Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and as such we will provide you with a copy of all images captured during your session. We do this to make sure you always have a wide variety of images to choose from.

Why Aerial Photography Alternatives?

The cost of ground-based elevated photography is considerably less than the cost of the more traditional flight-based photography. Over the years we have discovered that many businesses and consumers ended up spending quite a bit on flight-based photography when the same (or much better) results could often be achieved through the use of telescoping masts.

Our goal from the very start has been to master the art of aerial photography from the ground in an effort to provide our clients with cost-effective aerial photography solutions. Take a look at our portfolio for examples of the work we have done. While it’s not a reflection of every project we have completed, we feel that it gives you solid examples of the various types of alternative aerial photography solutions we provide.